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Smoke detector with Hager VdS PGSA technology

The smoke detector from Hager brings you more security in residential, offices or small commercial premises.

Smoke alarm save lives

The smoke detector from Hager brings you more security in residential, offices or small commercial premises. Since the sensor and the smoke detection are working independently of each other, the device ensures a high level of reliability.
The battery status is constantly monitored. If the battery is weak, the smoke detector triggers an alarm visually as well as an audible beep.

PGSA technology

Ensuring people, their goods and premises are protected, the Hager smoke detectors make a significant contribution as fires are noticed early. The smoke detector recognises early fires with smoke indoors, and they signal reliably thanks to the PGSA technology. This is the signal-processor-driven evaluation, which prevents smoke alarms due to interferences such as dust or electrical impulses that trigger false alarms.

A permanent self-check

A permanent self-check every 10 seconds is guaranteed in the Hager VdS PGSA technology smoke detector, with maximum safety and functionality. The integrated processor adjusts the detection sensitivity to ambient steadily. The benefits are thus clear: a long life and a sustained reliable operation of at least ten years and minimal false alarms.

Smoke detector sensor

Another big advantage is the smoke detector sensor operates independently according to the optical scattering procedures. VdS means double security: The Hager smoke detector is designed in accordance to both the standard for smoke alarm as well as the standard for smoke detectors. In addition, stringent internal quality controls and elaborated test procedure ensures the high performance of the product.

Coverage of 50 m2

The smoke detector has a coverage of 50 m2 with a diameter of 4 meters. In case of fire, an acoustic signal with a volume of 85 decibels is triggered. For optimum protection, up to 40 smoke detectors can be networked. In the event of an alarm, a white indicator light will be activated on the device. Smoke detectors to work with Hager Tebis / KNX intelligent building systems are also available.


 ColorPure whiteSilverBrown
Power supply :
9V alkaline battery
Power supply :
230V~ with 9V alkaline battery
(backup protection)