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Energy & lighting control

Energy and lighting control product range allows to optimise energy consumption while increasing comfort.


The range is composed of products 300, 600 et 1000 W. When associated with a pilot dimmer, they can manage a network of loads up to 30000 W.

Twilight switches

To control lighting circuits in relation to ambient light, based on user settings.

Twilight switches

Annual time switches

Allow a yearly programming of lighting in order to improve comfort and save energy.

Light sensitive switches

Act according to the measured level of lighting and control according to the given scenario, the opening or closing of an inverter contact.

Analog time switches

To control lighting, heating, household appliances, shop windows, etc... in order to save energy.

Digital time switches

For the control of lighting, heating, ventilation circuits, for the bell or for the alarm.

Presence detectors

Used in premises or in passage areas where they increase comfort and reduce the energy costs.

Smoke detectors

An integrated microprocessor ensures continuously the sensitivity of detection according to the ambiant conditions.

Eco-ficient solutions

An initiative by Hager to manage consumption and save energy by using adapted devices.

Standalone Smoke Detectors

Hager TG600AL – easy to install, easy to use, reliable performance and elegant design : the perfect choice for your homes.