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Universal Dimmer

Hager’s universal dimmers accommodate every kind of mood of light you could wish for, thanks to their adaptability – individual lights, complete rooms or entire buildings.

Universal remote-control dimmer, 500 W

Widespread application – the universal remote-control dimmer

Hager universal dimmers of the EV type series are suitable for regulating incandescent lamps, 230 V and low-voltage halogen lamps. The dimming output is up to 1000 W.

The universal remote-control dimmers of the EVN type series (available in two performance levels, 300 W and 500 W) can be used for almost all dimmable LED and energy-saving lamps* – without any flickering or problems switching on the light.

The connected load type is recognised automatically by autoDetect. And easyDetect is used to set the maximum dimming range.

*Exceptions: closed systems, e.g. digital technology.

EV108 Remote-control device with display

30 at one stroke – by remote control

To dim large areas of buildings at the same time, we recommend the use of a remote control. This enables you to control up to 30 EV remote-control dimmers at the same time.

It is operated via external buttons or – in the case of the EV108 version – on the device itself. Dimming speed, minimum and maximum brightness as well as three preset brightness levels (only with the EV108) can be set via the display.

When switched off or in the event of a power failure the device stores the last dimming level automatically.

TYA663N KNX universal dimmer, 3 300 W

A real highlight: KNX universal dimmers

With KNX universal dimmers from Hager you can create beautiful light scenes in every building. To ease control of the different scenarios, it stores up to 32 brightness levels.

KNX universal dimmers are perfect in combination with conventional bulbs, high- and low-voltage halogen lamps as
well as energy-saving lamps and LED lights*. Via a sliding switch on the device, the dimmer can be detached from the bus system and changed to manual operation.

Available in three performance levels:

  • TXA210AN: 300 W
  • TXA210N: 600 W
  • TXA213N: 900 W (variable power-output distribution:
    3 x 300 W, 1 x 600 W + 1 x 300 W, 1 x 900 W)
KNX dimming scenarios can be activated either individually or in combination with other bus functions via multi-functional push-button sensors or touch screens.

Berker Q.3 touch dimmer switch in an anthracite frame

Fingers on the button - with the universal touch dimmer

Whatever the ambience you wish or the lighting you are using, all can be managed thanks to the Berker by Hager universal dimmers. Thanks to their unique way to dim the light that automatically identifies the lamp-type, the dimming properties are optimally set according to the used load (autoDetect).

The flush mounted universal touch dimmer is able to control bulbs and halogen lamps, as well as dimmable 230 V-retrofit-LED’s and energy saving lamps in a reliable, comfortable and sustainable way. If necessary the load can be fine tuned through the easy Detect-mode.