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LF mini trunking

Individual power of data lines have sometimes to be installed in certain areas in houses, offices, shops, workshops.
The Tehaflex cable cover in roll is ideal for extension of installations or for small refurbishments.

Simply from the roll but flat

LF mini trunking are needed for the installation of computer networks, telecommunication equipment, or alarm system so as to supply these equipments with electrical power and operation datas.

The mini trunkings have been developed by Tehalit as a flexible and easy solution for the installation of single lines.

20 meters trunking roll

The 20 meters of LF trunking are rolled up in a compact packing which can be easily taken to any place.

Unique folding technique

With it's unique folding technique the space saving roll becomes a complete piece of trunking.

Easily fixed

The LF trunking is easily fixed with the help of double sided adhesive and pre punched holes.