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Protection devices

Hager protection devices set the industry standard for reliability, quality & performance. As with all hager products, it is the mission of the company to provide the highest calibre of products that clearly set themselves apart from the market.

Residual Current Circuit Breakers

Used in low voltage final distribution for earth leakage protection of electrical systems and human life protection against electrical shocks.
Available in 2 pole and 4 pole versions, from 16A to 100A, in sensitivities of 10 / 30 / 100 / 500mA.

Fuse Range For Photovoltaic Applications

With the increasing trend of the use of solar panels, a suitable DC protection of photovoltaic (PV) strings against overloads and short-circuits is now available.

Miniature Circuit Breakers

Used in low voltage final distribution for over current protection of electrical systems in residential, commercial & industrial buildings.
Hager MCBs are available in 1 pole to 4 pole versions, from 0.5A to 125A, in breaking capacities of 3 / 6 / 10 / 15 / 25kA.

Surge protective devices

Protect electric and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning and switching transient sources.

Photovoltaic protection

Hager propose a new range of protection for photovoltaic panel systems.

Permanent Over & Under Voltage Auxiliary

The over voltage auxiliary, MZ209, and combined over- and under-voltage auxiliary, MZ214, causes automatic opening of the electrical circuit by tripping the associated protection device (MCB, RCCB, RCBO) if there is a permanent over or under voltage detected on the network.