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Product and general news

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Efficient Fire Prevention : Standalone Smoke Detectors

  • Designed to protect the private areas of apartment buildings and residential properties.
  • Hager standalone smoke detectors brings security and comfort at home.
  • Hager TG600AL – easy to install, easy to use, reliable performance and elegant design : the perfect choice for your homes.

KNX Touch Control

Combining flatscreen optics with touchpad haptics, the new KNX Touch Control is an intelligent multipurpose solution for even the most advanced KNX installations.

As soon as the user approaches, a proximity sensor activates the 3.5" TFT touch display screen. Up to ten pages for operating elements and display selection from 37 predefined layouts.

Berker Ranges Awarded

Hager Group wins Good Design Award 2016 and iF Design Award 2017

​Hager Group was recently awarded with two prestigious international Design Awards for several of its Berker ranges. The winning ranges for the Good Design Awards 2016 are: Berker KNX Touch control, Berker KNX Room controller and Berker Q.7 range.

Sollysta Metalclad Wiring Accessories

The new Sollysta Metalclad wiring accessories are made from specially hardened steel to maintain their rigidity, the faceplates overlap a lip on the back box sitting flush for a smooth high quality finish, and a strong two tab knock out makes installation as easy as possible.

Sollysta Metalclad – the perfect choice for tough environments.

KNX Touch Control 3.5"

Combining flatscreen optics with touchpad haptics, the new KNX Touch Control is an intelligent multi-purpose solution for even the most advanced KNX installations.

As users approaches, a proximity sensor activates the 3.5” TFT touch display screen. It’s multiple control functions have been specially designed for easy programming. 10 different touch display screens can be configured from 37 predefined layouts.

Orion Plus IP66 GRP Enclosures for Automation and Distribution Panels

For many years and projects, the Orion Plus GRP (Glass-fibre Reinforced Polyester) has proven to be a robust and reliable enclosure, especially under the harsh outdoor environment.

Now, Orion Plus GRP Enclosure has been upgraded to IP66 from the previous IP65.


h3e MCCBs

The h3e MCCB range offers reliability for incoming protective device or outgoing branch circuit protection.

The style is integrated with the existing hager h3 MCCB range, offering a comprehensive solution for residential, commercial and industrial installation.

New IR Motion Detector for Corridors

EE880, the new infra-red motion detector , is specifically suited for such long corridor application, with a detection zone of up to 20m x 4m.

Built with an IP54 enclosure and a 10A output relay, EE880 enables automatic switch on / off the corridor lighting, be it indoor or outdoor, for better energy conservation and comfort.

IP Roombox

IP Roombox provides a wide range of specially designed Equipment to cater for every need in a guestroom.
  • One central product with Inputs & Outputs
  • Multi-application outputs
- Shutters
- Lighting ON/OFF
- Lighting Dimming


Berker MANUFAKTUR provides user with individuality where we create switches that are a real blend of high-tech and handicraft, and that are utterly unique.

We often design items together with architects and planners for a very particular property or for a special project.

  • B.IQ Plastic in anthracite RAL 7021
  • B.IQ Stainless Steel 24K gold plated
  • R.1 Structural Coated
  • R.3 Chrome

New IU Metal Din-Rail Enclosure

Available from 13 to 108 modules, the new IU metal din-rail enclosure has been re-designed with an improved aesthetics with a new door latch.

IU metal enclosure is used widely for a variety of indoor applications – from residential, commercial and industrial buildings for many years, due to its ease of installation and the high level of quality.

LED decorative lamp EE610

The LED decorative lamp, EE610, equipped with an IR motion detector allows automatic control of the light when a movement is detected in the detection zone. It satisfies users who need a LED lamp with a unique design, integrating LED technology and motion detector for energy savings.

EE610 brings light through a modern aesthetic design and only when you need it

Universal Dimmers

No matter whether it’s a candlelight atmosphere, lounge feeling or the gradual darkening of a theatre, cinema or presentation room: with dimmers from Hager you can shed the perfect kind of light and create softly toned atmospheres for all kinds of occasions.


Digital Time Switch EG103B/E

Time switches are used to control electrical loads, such as public lightings, signage, water pumps, according to the desired day and/or time.

This improves comfort and saves energy as the load is only switched on at the particular day/time and automatically switches off according to the programme.

2 versions of the weekly digital time switches EG103 are available – basic and evolution.


New IP66 Wiring Accessories

Manufactured from a tough, durable thermoplastic, the IP66 rating assures total
protection from ingress of dust and protection against powerful water jets.


Hager Group at Light+Building 2014

Light+Building is back!

The Hager Group will be featuring its latest range of KNX home and building controls, door communication solution, AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) solution, plus many other innovations from our 3 brands – Hager, Berker and Elcom, all in a single booth.

Come visit us at Hall 8 booth H90 from 30 March till 4 April 2014.

Berker B.7

Berker B.7 is now also available in various plastic, stainless steel and aluminium. In these materials, it can be perfectly combined with Berker TS Sensor and Berker B.IQ.

Available in glass/polar white matt, glass aluminium, as well as glass black, plastic polar white, plastic anthracite, plastic alu.

B.7 frames can be combined with all B.-series centre plates.

Berker Touch Sensor KNX

Discover the new R.-Design Berker Touch Sensor KNX.

Available in glass black, glass polar white.

  • surface-mounted programs and waterproof programs
  • programs for barrier-free living
  • control of shutters and blinds
  • automatic light
  • setting up light scenes
  • radio remote control of light and building functions
  • building management system KNX
  • security technology

HF motion detector – EE883

The new high-frequency (HF) motion detector uses active sensor to scan the detection zone by measuring changes in the echo reflected regardless of ambient temperature.
With an adjustable wide detection zone from 1m to 8m, EE883 is able to detect through light walls, glass and wood and is particularly suited for applications such as car park, toilet, dressing room, warehouse and places with high temperature, as lesser detectors will be needed to be installed.

New Light Sensitive Switch

The new light sensitive switches, in a compact 1-module housing, with easy-to-use adjustable lux threshold and auto / test mode setting, LED output contact and connection status indicator, delivered with either surface- or flush-mounted IP55 photocell, enhances energy savings through the automatic switching of the lights only when the natural light is insufficient.


Universal Connection: Berker USB charger socket

Berker USB socket outlet is perfect for integrating in your existing flush-mounted installation, it is extremely energy-efficient, and it is suitable for any device with a USB charging connection.

Simply plug the USB cable into the socket and let charging begin. Pure power supply, without PC or notebook.

Going on-line with sustainability and the United Nations’ Global Compact

On 26th June 2013 Hager Group went on-line with the 2013 edition of our Communication on Progress report for the United Nations’ Global Compact.

The 2013 Communication on Progress report for the United Nations’ Global Compact is already on-line.

Berker Radio Touch

Berker Radio Touch can be mounted in any flush-mounted socket, and settings adjusted via an attractive touch screen.

And with an optional iPod docking station and second speaker it transforms itself into a real stereo system – in the bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen or wherever you want to experience big listening pleasure from a little box.

Stylea Wiring Accessories

Its simple and neat design perfectly suits contemporary residential and commerical requirements. Its modern and straight lines styling blends with today's interior.

Stylea wiring accessories is the link to power and lighting for your home entertainment as well as your everyday task. The whole range offers you a great quality you can trust.

Tebis KNX Domovea

With Tebis KNX Domovea , you can control your home automation devices such as lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, blinds and much more.

You can access remotely over the internet through a secure portal, on iPhone and iPad though an app.

Modular Isolating & Changeover Switches

A new range of modular isolating switches and changeover switches is now available from 16 to 125A in 1 to 4P.

The new switches are suitable for din-rail mounted applications for circuit isolation or power by-pass functions and manual switching between 2 sources of power supply.

Berker R.3 Switch

The Berker R.3 celebrates the power of contrast:

We combine circular centre pieces with a consistently cornered frame.

A pleasant side-effect:

The Berker R.3 is ideally suited for installation in wall ducts.

New Icos Surface Mounting Enclosure

A new range of Icos surface mounting enclosures, available in 5, 8, 14 and 20 modules with transparent or plain door is an ideal choice for any small installation.

New features such as facility for cable management with cable ties and cable entry knock-outs for trunkings or conduits on all sides and base of the enclosure, allow installer to deliver a neat and safe installation.

LED Floodlight With IP55 Motion Detector

Efficient energy saving, comfort and security can now be enhanced through our new Motion Detector with 60W LED Floodlight – EE600 .

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Installed at the entrance and external perimeter of a house or building.

Berker KNX - B.IQ

Berker B.IQ is now added a wide array of alternative materials to the KNX varieties. Its surfaces correspond exactly to those of the Berker B.7.

Completely new are the B.IQ black glass and aluminium.

Berker Q.3

Clear contour, square corners frame and scratch-resistant surface - the Berker Q.3 looks good in every version.

Available in dark anthracite or light polar white.

See also Berker Q.1 - the all-rounder, velvety surface.

Contactors Application Web Tool

Lighting systems with electronic ballast may cause high inrush current peaks, which can damage the contactors after several switchings.

A new web-based tool has been developed to calculate the maximum amount of lamps that can be connected to hager contactors.

Berker New K.5 Aluminium

The new aluminium design - Berker K.5 made of solid anodised aluminium according to E6EV1 is a genuine alternative to the classic stainless steel design.

The Berker K.5 Aluminium is truly recommended for all who appreciate both elegant shapes and the highest material quality with its - Clear Contours. Consistent Design. Sophisticated Exterior.

New Cosmos Flush Mounting Enclosure

A new range of aesthetically modern Cosmos flush mounting enclosures is now available in 4, 8 and 14 modules, with transparent or plain door.

Specifically developed for the small enclosure application, such as in a residential apartment, hotel room and retail shop.

Hager Group at Light+Building 2012

The world's largest trade fair – Light+Building 2012 which is held every two years, is to take place in Frankfurt from 15 to 20 April 2012.

For the first time, Hager and Berker will be displaying their products side by side.

Come and visit us at Light+Building 2012 .

Permanent Over & Under Voltage Auxiliary

The over voltage auxiliary, MZ209, and combined over- and under-voltage auxiliary, MZ214, causes automatic opening of the electrical circuit by tripping the associated protection device (MCB, RCCB, RCBO) if there is a permanent over or under voltage detected on the network.


Berker Manufacture - Recent Products

Berker once again showed what its Manufacture is capable of.

Here we present a recent selection...

  • Berker TS, burnished brass
  • Berker TS, black
  • Berker TS Crytal Ball, black
  • Berker TS Crystal, black

New Modular Contactors

2 versions – Standard Range & Humfree Range, from 16-63A, 1-2-3 modules, 1-4 poles. Auxiliary contacts and accessories are available for the entire range.


Berker KNX / EIB - TS Crystal Ball

Berker Crystal Ball has a spectacular push button design, made with CRYSTALIZED™ - Swarovski elements crystal. The Crystal Ball operates lights, blinds, shutters, etc..and brings glimmering attention in every sophisticated environment.


Berker Wiring Accessories

Berker conventional switches solution provides home owner with the convenience and flexibility to change the switches to match to their interior fittings.

Berker By Hager

In 2010, the Hager Group acquired Berker GmbH & Co. KG, Schalksmühle, Germany.
In Singapore, both the Hager and Berker teams are being merged in a new premise, serving our customers in this region with a full solution.

golf won Australian Design Award For Good Design 2011

After last year’s successful participation and winning of the Red Dot Design Award, our golf enclosure was again the only electrical distribution board which received the prestigious Australian Design Award for good design 2011.

Eco-ficient solutions

Hager eco-ficient is the solution to help you save energy by installing the appropriate devices in your premises.

Photovoltaic protection

Hager PV's is designed specially for solar panel applications whereby it is compatible to be used for DC application system.

h3 MCCBs

The h3 range of MCCBs provides safe and easy solutions for low voltage electrical circuit protection.

E3, the sustainability programme of the Hager Group

Hager is particularly careful of the impact of its industrial activities on the environment. That's why Hager Group carries out concepts and techniques such as eco-design and eco-production that allow the reduction and optimized recovery of the production waste.^


IP55 WA Cover for socket outlet. The whole cover is transparent to visualize the status of the socket outlet, easy to install and suitable for use in wet and dusty enviroment.

Earth leakage relay

ELRs ensure protection of electrical installations and protection of persons against direct and indirect contact. It also provides monitoring of earth fault currents.

New packaging

As a global manufacturer of Electrical distribution & Building automation solutions, it’s our responsibility to contribute actively for the conservation of natural resources.

New Masterbrand

The new Hager brand stands for the complete range of products and services, as well as the ease of installation and ease of use.

Golf enclosures

When building or renovating residential buildings, compact and aesthetically pleasing solutions are often required for electrical installations.