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Wiring Accessories

Hager range of wiring accessories are made to answer all your needs.They ensure quality and safety and obtained the british standard certification.

System 8000

The system 8000 incorporates single and double switched sockets, fused connection units, communication, connection units, blank plates and lampholders, which form part of the economical screw series.

System 9000

System 9000's clip on cover feature ensures all fixing screws are hidden. Also during renovation, by removing the cover, it is possible to ensure that no paint or wall paper will look untidy, as this can be covered by re-fitting the cover when finished.

System 9088

The system 9088 with large concave rocker switch is designed for distinctive appearence in environments such as hotels, offices or homes.

System 10088

System 10088 : practicality with timeless features and modern styling

IP55/ 66 weatherproof range

Hager IP55/66 weatherproof range of wiring accessories are tough, durable options for outdoor or the more aduous environments around your home, commercial buildings or workshops.

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel series incorporates double pole switched sockets, fused connection units, communication, connection unit, blank plates.


IP55 WA Cover for socket outlet. The whole cover is transparent to visualize the status of the socket outlet, easy to install and suitable for use in wet and dusty enviroment.

Stylea Wiring Accessories

Stylea wiring accessories is the link to power and lighting for your home entertainment as well as your everyday task. The whole range offers you a great quality you can trust.

IP66 Wiring Accessories

The IP66 range of wiring accessories is suitable for use in indoor and outdoor applications where wiring accessories may be vulnerable to the potentially
harmful effects of dust or water ingress.

Sollysta Metalclad Wiring Accessories

The new Sollysta Metalclad wiring accessories are made from specially hardened steel to maintain their rigidity, the faceplates overlap a lip on the back box sitting flush for a smooth high quality finish, and a strong two tab knock out makes installation as easy as possible.
Sollysta Metalclad – the perfect choice for tough environments.