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LiFea trunking

LiFea system answers all your needs for distribution of cables and conductors in housing and tertiary buildings.

A complete system

LiFea system offers a precise answer to the specific needs of each site: a wide range of dimensions, colours, finishing accessories, socket outlets allow to adapt to all kind of configurations.


  • 21 different dimensions : 6 depths (from 10 to 60 mm) and 12 widths (from 10 to 230 mm).
  • Adapted colours : pure white and brown for the small dimensions + pure white and grey for larger dimensions.

Accessories : Gain of time and impeccable finishings

  • Adaptable angle (from 83 to 140) to suit to the different corners of the room.
  • The overlapping of 10 mm allows to avoid all the very meticulous cuttings.

Simpler, more intuitive and more practical implementation

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LiFea socket outlets

Easy to install, LiFea socket outlets offer uncomparable modularity.

LiFea large dimension

Ideal solution for the secured distribution of several circuits in collective housings, professional and tertiary premises.