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Presence Detectors

These new presence detectors complete the hager existing range with smart, discrete and powerful devices.


presence detectorsThis presence detectors’ range can be used in premises (offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms, classrooms, public building, homes etc) or in passage areas, where they increase comfort and reduce drastically the energy costs of the lighting. Regarding lighting regulation, the new sensors embed natively the DALI standard and the DSI protocol. In addition, the energy cost will also be reduced thanks to the low consumption technologies used to build the electronic parts of these sensors.

Each sensor can be set locally via potentiometers or with a dedicated remote control. The installer remote control permits to make single, multiple settings and memorization of pre-settings. These huge possibilities and the user friendly interface will be a great help for the installer during the commissioning of office projects; the setting becomes easier, faster, more precise and reproducible.


  • EE815: presence detector on/off
  • EE816: presence detector for lighting regulation DALI/DSI
  • EE807: installer remote control
  • EE808: override remote control

Power supply

Technical characteristics

  • 230V ~ +10% -15%
  • Detection range: motion area diameter 7 m, presence area diameter 5 m
  • Local settings via potentiometers: Lux and timer
  • KNX commissioning : ETS
  • Remote settings (EE807): Lux, timer, power up state, presence/absence mode, memo
  • TCC520 Relay (switched phase): 16A, push button input TCC521 DALI/DSI output : 24 ballasts
  • Operating temperature: -20C, +55C
  • Colour: white

Arguments and features overview

  • Presence detection technologies for switching and light regulation applications
  • Modern and discrete aesthetic for professional market
  • Complete range with embed infra red receiver for commissioning (EE807) and for remote control (EE808)
  • Pre-defined setting for the standard use cases
  • Automatic and semi-automatic mode to reach more energy savings
  • Light regulator models with DALI/DSI output to increase comfort and to harvest the highest energy savings
  • Low power technologies