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New Icos Surface Mounting Enclosure

A new range of Icos surface mounting enclosures, available in 5, 8, 14 and 20 modules, with transparent or plain door, has been developed for the small enclosure application, such as residential apartment, office, hotel room and retail shop, in a modern design.

Product Range

Ref.No. of modules slot on the coverNo. of spare module knockouts Max. No. of module
4 modules
2 x 1/2 module
5 modules
8 modules
8 modules
10 modules
4 x 1 module
14 modules
16 modules
4 x 1 module
20 modules

Product Structure

  • Same doors for ICOS and COSMOS
  • Choice of transparent or plain white door
  • Metallic DIN rail
  • Two different options for terminal fixation
- directly fixed on the chassis
- fixed on a removable terminal support
  • Cover fixed by metallic screws
  • Door protected against scratches by transparent protection film
  • Made of fire-retardant material in compliance with IEC61439-3


  • DIN Rail and cover fixation is horizontally concentric, therefore base can be turned around by 180 for wall mounting
  • 5-point fixation, center point with key - hole shape
  • Options for cable management by using cable ties
  • Integrated stopper on the metal DIN Rail for modular devices to fit with device slot in the cover
  • Pre cuts for conduit and trunking entry at the inner sides of the cover
  • Key hole shape on DIN Rail (when DIN rail is equipped with standard configuration, still access to the fixation screw)
  • Terminal fixation on the base left/right in VS104 and VS108, top/bottom in VS112 and VS118