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XC9003: IP55 WA Cover

IP55 WA Cover for socket outlet. The whole cover is transparent to visualize the status of the socket outlet, easy to install and suitable for use in wet and dusty enviroment.


Have you encounter facing hassle in opening the front cover to check on the status of the socket outlets or requirement for weatherproof socket outlets? XC9003 is the solution ! The IP55 XC9003 is transparent cover, in just 3 steps and the socket outlet will be well protected and visible.


  • Strong stick rubber pad at the back frame cover
  • IP55 rated
  • Fit most types of plugs with channel for cabling
  • Robust hinge
  • Just 3 simple steps, to install the cover within minutes.
  • Padlockable, to prevent unauthorized personnel to access the socket outlet.