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System 9000

The system 9000 incorporates single and double switched sockets, fused connection units, communication, connection units, movement detector, door chime and blank plates, which form part of the advanced screwless series.


The clip on cover feature ensures all fixing screws are hidden. Also during renovation, by removing the cover, it is possible to ensure that no paint or wall paper will look untidy, as this can be covered by re-fitting the cover when finished.

Our changeable colour clip on cover is today's electrical fashion device and aims to suit any interior design theme perfectly. We provide a complete product range to cover all customer requirements, including sensor movement detector, which could upgrade your lighting system, saving energy and cost.

The unique "Blue mechanism" represents Hager's Professional products in order to ensure quality and safety. System 9000 has obtained the British Standard (BS) certification under the International Third Party Laboratory, Nemko UK.


  • In line terminals for switch and sockets,
  • Screw holes designed to facilitate horizontal and vertical adjustments,
  • Combination screw heads for terminals


During renovation
When painting is finished
Clip on cover
Colour coding on socket terminals