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Digital Time Switch EG103B/E

The digital time switch weekly cycle, EG103B / E, in a compact 2-module housing, offers excellent automatic control of electrical loads and energy management with easy-to-use manual programming or via an optional programming key or software.


Time switches are used to control electrical loads, such as public lightings, signage, water pumps, according to the desired day and/or time.

This improves comfort and saves energy as the load is only switched on at the particular day/time and automatically switches off according to the programme.

2 versions of the weekly digital time switches EG103 are available – basic and evolution.


  • user friendly programming interface
  • long term (5 yrs) power reserve
  • easy locking facility
  • programming w/o power supply
  • display of the date in automatic mode
  • status of output and bar graph overview
Addition features for evolution version:
  • holiday switching
  • pulse switching
  • random switching
  • “Key” concept (EG005 standard accessory for EG103E)

Product range

RefDescriptionTechnical data
Time switch 1 channel, weekly, basic
230V 1 changeover contact 16A AC1 250V AC
Time switch 1 channel, weekly, evolution
230V 1 changeover contact 16A AC1 250V AC
Time switch 1 channel, weekly
12/24Vac/dc 1 changeover contact 16A AC1 250V AC
Time switch 2 channel, weekly, evolution
230V 2 changeover contacts 16A AC1 250V AC
Programming key
for EG103/203
Locking key

EG005 Programming Key

  • Copy: duplicate the program.
  • Save: the program key can now be securely stored.
  • Computer: the possibility to program the device via a PC, especially for multiple time switches in an installation or when frequent changes are envisioned.
The EG005 programming key benefits both the installer and end user with a quick and easy to use tool.

Wiring / Installation