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Digital Time Switches

Time Switches allow you to manage the operation of loads such as, lighting, water pumps, shutters and domestic machines. This gives improved comfort and saves energy.

Main characteristics of EG103, EG203

  • 56 programs steps
  • Easy keypad programming or with PC via interface module
  • Override: Permanent/temporary
  • 5 years of operating reserve with lithium battery
  • Bar graph for visualization of the daily profile
  • Quick copy and saving of the program with the EG005 key
  • Programmable without mains supply
  • Programming of pulses (eg. School’s bell)
  • Back light display
  • Keypad lock (with EG004 key)

Benefits for the users

  • Possibility of using a bunch of keys to adapt the time programming to the frequent changes of way of life: key “night shift”, key “day shift”…
  • Selection of a holidays mode*
  • Possibility of simulation of presence *
* options available only on "evolution" version
(delivered with EG 005 key)