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Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs)

Hager has launched a range of Air Circuit Breakers to complement the existing range of circuit protection devices. With this launch, Hager can now offer a composite range of circuit protection devices from MCBs to ACBs.


The range is available from 800 A to 4000 A, 3 pole & 4 pole configurations, in fixed and drawout versions.
Thanks to the state of the art microprocessor based release, the thermal characteristics are unaffected by ambient temperatures. The microprocessor release is available with earth fault protection (LSIG) also.

The breaker can function without any derating up to 60C, a testimony to the fact that the local conditions were considered while designing. Other features that deserves a special mention are the user friendly interface and the high level of safety quotient for the operators.

The launch has helped Hager to graduate to a total network protection solutions provider from 0.5 to 4000 A.

Further informations

Safety & maintenance

Incorporated safety measures
Safety measures are incorporated to ensure operator and maintenance personnel safety. Safety shutters can be padlocked. Removal and fixing of arc chutes does not require any tools.
Arc chute
After inspection or maintenance, if arc chute is not properly placed, the breaker cannot be switched ON.
Plug in type arc chute can be removed without any tool.
Jaw contacts
Mismatching protection ensures the match of the breaker and frame. When the breaker is at isolated or test position, it prevents access to live parts of jaw contacts.
Jaw coupling and cradle terminals
Jaw coupling as well as cradle terminals can be replaced from the front side of cradle, without dismantling main cables and busbar links.