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Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

Automatic Transfer Switches are used for emergency power supply system to switch between two power supplies, in order to ensure continuous and reliable electrical power to critical loads.

The HP series

The HP series ATS is a new generation of automatic transfer switch that adopts power changeover operation.
Primarily used in critical installations, coal mine, shipping, chemical industry, metallurgy, industrial plants, medical, health care, bank, securities exchange, airport, underground express way, military establishment and similar loads that requires non-interrupted and reliable power supply.


  • Conforms with IEC60947-6
  • 32A to 400A, 4P
  • Compact and simple switch structure
  • Safe and highly reliable
  • Easy to install, long service life.
  • With over voltage, under voltage, phase failure protection and alarm function.

HP series status indication function

  • Indicates status of current connected power supply
  • Indicates status of current output power supply
  • Indicates fault status (under voltage, over voltage and phase failure), plus buzzer alarm
  • Indicates auto/manual status (with power down memory)
  • Indicates delay process status