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High Breaking Capacity MCB 10 - 125A Range

Specifically dedicated to the residential, commercial and industrial buildings, the range of Hager MCBs offer new features, better connection, superior performance and certainly more security, bringing more quality and comfort to the installation.

Miniature circuit breakers 10 - 125 A

  • MCBs 10A to 125 A, 1P to 4P, 10KA & 15KA
  • Accessories
  • Standard auxiliaries as 63A mcbs
  • New adjustable RCD add-on-block 125 A
This range and its multiple innovations will allow you to win more performance, more features, more connection facilities and more why below.

More connection

The range of multi pole MCBs from 10A to 125 A are equipped with strong terminals. They present better grip on the cable. In particular, the MCBs 10, 100 and 125 A are equipped with the 'tightening compensation system'. True Hager innovation, this system compensates for the deformation of the cables related to their ageing and vibration, thus prolonging the effectiveness of initial tightening torque.

More features

This range makes it possible to combine product with RCD add-on-block, simple, fast and secured.
1. Assembly, 2. Connection, 3. Locking
The assembly of the RCD add-on-block is carried out in three steps. Simple and rapid for a secured assembly: it is a Hager innovation.

More performance

125A MCB is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial installations with high breaking capacity.Protection of installations is guaranteed by the 10 KA or 15KA breaking capacity defined according to IEC60898-1 and IEC60947-2 standards.

More security

MCB can be locked in the Off position by the integrated locking facility on the handle. This lock can be inserted with a 2.5 - 3.5 mm plastic cable tie where you can fit a warning card if necessary and allows a safer working environment for all personnel.