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NRN miniature circuit breakers

Hager proposes a range of miniature circuit breakers specifically dedicated to commercial and industrial electrical distribution systems.

Protection against overloads and short circuits

Higher Performance

  • Can be used as a switch for every type of loads.
  • Less heating on the product.
  • More significant current limitation capacity on short circuits.

More Safety

  • IP2x on the screw and terminals.
  • Isolation function with a clear indication.
  • Excellent grip on cables thanks to a new architecture of the terminals.

More Simplicity

  • Front product labelling to identify the circuit.
  • Top and bottom removability.

Connection capacity

  • 16 mm˛ flexible cables,
  • 25 mm˛ rigid cables.

Tripping curve

Type C magnetic setting (between 5 and 10 times of rated current).

Type C tripping

  • 25 kA (≤ 25 A)
  • 20 kA (32 - 40 A)
  • 15 kA (50 - 63 A)

Complies with IEC 60947-2
Current rating : 0,5 to 63 A


  • RCDs add-on blocks,
  • Auxiliaries (shunt trip, undervoltage release, auxiliary/alarm contacts, remote reset/control),
  • Accessories (padlocking kit, interphase barrier, terminal shield).
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