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Newsletter January 2015

LED Decorative Lamp EE610
Hello ,

In many houses and buildings, peripheral lamps are used for 3 main reasons:
  • Security: indicate when someone is coming to your door / building
  • Comfort: automatic switch ON/OFF
  • Energy saving: LED technology

The new Hager LED decorative lamp, EE610, features the following:
  • Exquisite design, expressive and close to architectural light
  • Cool white light colour provides a pleasant natural light to fit perfectly around home atmosphere
  • Energy efficient with 15W LED at 4x less energy and 5x longer life span than halogen lamp typically used on floodlights
  • Easy and quick installation with PIN connection system
  • Infrared detection from 6m to 12m
  • Optional remote control EE806

The EE610 fully satisfies users who need an LED lamp with a unique design, integrating LED technology and motion detector for reduced energy consumption.