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LED Decorative Lamp EE610

The LED decorative lamp, EE610, equipped with an IR motion detector allows automatic control of the light when a movement is detected in the detection zone. It satisfies users who need a LED lamp with a unique design, integrating LED technology and motion detector for energy savings.

Design and aesthetic

  • The design is expressive and close to architectural light.
  • The milky front is smooth and pleasing to the eye.
  • The motion detector is discrete.
  • The wall support is also white and shiny for global coherence design.


The installation of EE610 is simple and quick, with a new PIN solution and screwless terminals. Once the wall plate is fixed and wired, the body of the lamp only needs to be clipped on the first part.

This easy installation system allows maintaining the IP55. The installer does not have to carry the entire product during the wiring and installation of the wall plate.

The product also includes an anti-theft screw at the bottom of it, reducing the risks of theft.

IR Motion Detector Settings

The default factory setting of the detection area is on the minimum (dark grey area). This detection area can be increased up to 12 m (frontal detection) with the optional IR remote control EE806. The detection angle is 140.

The 2 potentiometers used for the local setting are hidden in normal use by the plastic trapdoor. It allows for setting the time delay and luminosity.
An optional IR remote control, EE806, can also be used to make the settings and control the light.

Illumination Performance

Luminous flow :
  • Between 1000 and 1200 lumen

Light color :
  • Cool white : 4000K
  • CRI > 80 (Color Rendering Index)
  • Life span : 10 years @ 2hours per day

Technical Features

Standby Consumption
Light color
Cool white
Luminous flux
Power Supply
230V AC 50/60Hz
Insulation Class
Recommended wire
1.5 to 2.5 mm
Protection index
Functioning temperature
-25 to +50C
Detection range
Minimum frontal detection (factory setting)
Minimum lateral detection (factory setting)
Maximum Frontal detection (with remote control)
Lateral detection (with remote control)
Lux setting
5 to 1000lux
Time setting
5s. to 15min.
Dimension (H x W x D)
201x145x179 mm
Remote control (optional)
EN 60598-2-5
EN 60669-2-1