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Weekly and Yearly time switch functionalities

For the command of lighting circuits, the control of heating, ventilation. In commercial premises, timed programming often requires the equipement with large programming capacities.

The program of a yearly time

The program of a yearly time switch is made of :
  • Basic weekly program
  • 10 sub programs : a sub-program is a weekly program to be applied from date to date.
  • Specific program step : this is a complete program step defined by a time and a date.
  • Holidays.

Basic weekly program

This is a weekly program running permanently.
(for example, from Monday to Friday ON at 08h and OFF at 18)

Sub programs

10 sub-programs allow to define a weekly program and the period when this program have to be applied.
(for example, from Monday to Saturday : 8h ON / 12h30 OFF/ 14hON/18h30 0FF – from 1st of March to 31st of April).

Specific program step

This is a program step defined by a time and a date :
for example, ON at 7h00 on 25th of April.


to program permanent ON or permanent OFF during a period.
for example OFF from 1st of July to 31st of August.

Programming key

The programming key of the yearly time switch will be a specific reference :
EG007 (high capacity 64kByte).

Time switches reference : EG493E, EG403E, will be delivered with one programming key.

Key's functions are :
  • load : save in the time switch, the program which is in the key.
  • save : save in the key, the program which is in the time switch.
  • read : check the program steps in the key's memory.
  • override : apply the key program as long as the key is plugged in.

Cyclic operating

This function enables the user to program repeated cycles, i.e. xx minutes ON / xx minutes OFF.
4 different cycles can be defined.
The length of the cycle (ON and OFF time) can be set from 1 sec to 9 h 59 min 59 s.

Key board locking via PIN code

A PIN code can be defined and activated.
Once activated, the keyboard is automatically locked after 2 minutes without any action. The user will need the PIN code to release the keyboard.
This PIN code can be cancelled or modified.
A master PIN code will be given to hager (available by the quality department and hot-line).


In this override mode, to simulate a presence, each program steps is randomly shifted by +/- 59 minutes.

Hour counter

An hour counter is associated to each output.
It will count the ON switching time and the number of switchings.
It will also count the clock running time.
These counters are not resettable.

External override input setting

This input is to be connected to a pushbutton or a switch (230V +10%, -15%).
Available functions are : changeover, permanent ON/OFF, random, timer ON.
In the settings menu, will be defined the function of the input and the channels concerned.
(example : Timer ON during 1h 45 min on Channel A and C)


Settings available on the time switch are :
  • time and day setting
  • automatic change summer/winter
  • language (French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch)

Technical characteristics

  • Supply : 230V +10 / - 15%
  • frequency 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption :2VA
  • Output : 2 changeover volt free contacts + 2 NO
  • Switching capacity : 10A – 250V AC1