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EW AC3 contactor

Industrial contactors and thermal overload relays for frequent switchings and protection of motors and inductive loads.


  • According to IEC60947-4-1
  • Approvals: CCC, CE, UL
  • Accessories: Thermal overload relay, auxiliary contacts, surge suppressor, mechanical interlock and coil drive unit etc
  • DIN rail or screw mounted
  • IP20
  • Double contacts auxiliary
  • High grade of coil insulation
  • Rated current: 7A to 300A
  • Main pole: 3 Poles
  • Utilization category: AC3

Thermal overload relay

  • Standard: IEC60947-4-1
  • Approval: CCC, CE, UL
  • Three-pole, with temperature compensation and phase-failure protection
  • 1NC &1NO auxiliary contacts
  • IP20
  • Auto / Manual reset
  • Front mounted auxiliary contact

Coil drive unit

  • Protection of main contacts welding and abnormal consumption by voltage drop
  • Can be used for both DC and AC voltage
  • Filtering AC voltage interference
  • Integrated surge suppresser
  • Energy saving

Mechanical interlock

To protect against the risk of short circuit for reversing and change over contactors.

Auxiliary contact

  • Choices of auxiliary contacts
  • Double contact for better connection
  • Front & side mounting auxiliary contacts