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New Modular Contactors

Contactors and relays are essential power devices to control all sorts of circuits remotely. The Hager range has been significantly enhanced with 16 to 63A solutions, in standard and humfree versions.

Technological Innovation

The humfree contactors range comes with a unique innovation :

  • No humming during the whole product life,
  • Low switching noise.
  • Essential for areas where tranquillity is needed, such as residential, hotel, hospital rooms, meeting rooms, etc.

Energy Saving

  • Save on your electricity bill by benefiting from a reduced power consumption.
  • 30% less power consumption than current range.
  • Example : Our new 1 module contactor consumes only 1.8VA while a similar product consumes between 3 – 4.6VA.

Technical Characteristics

  • 1NO, 1NC
  • 2NO, 2NC, 1NO+1NC
  • 3NO, 3NC
  • 4NO, 4NC, 2NO+2NC, 3NO+1NC

Coil voltages :
  • 230Vac, 110Vac, 24Vac, 8/12Vac

  • Eco design products
  • Auxiliary contact ESC080 1NO+1NC 6A 230V AC12 with mechanical indicator.
  • Sealable terminal covers.

Contactor Tool

Lighting systems with electronic ballast may cause high inrush current peaks, which can damage the contactors after several switchings.

The new Hager web-based tool is developed to calculate the maximum amount of lamps that can be connected to hager contactors.