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Modular contactors

Modular contactors are used for the remote switching and control of power circuits.

Technical data

The choice of contactor depends upon a number of parameters :
  • the nature of the supply
  • the power it is switching
  • the characteristics of the load
  • the control voltage required
  • number of operations

All contactors ratings are for AC1 loads only - if the load differs from AC1 the contactor may need de-rating.


Contact choice:
  • normally open (NO)
  • normally closed (NC)

Override contactors

  • permanent ON
  • permanent OFF

Contactor Tool

Lighting systems with electronic ballast may cause high inrush current peaks, which can damage the contactors after several switchings.

The new Hager web-based tool is developed to calculate the maximum amount of lamps that can be connected to hager contactors.