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Analogue time switches

Electromechanical time switches 1 channel for daily or weekly programming.
To control lighting, heating, household appliances, shop windows, etc... in order to improve comfort and save energy.

Modular compact (1 module) and standard modular (2 to 5 modules) versions are available for cycles from 24 hours to 7 days.

Technical characteristics

  • Connection capacity: 1 to 4mm˛
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Easy programming by captive segments
  • Bi-directional front disc for an easy change of summer/winter time
  • High power fail reserve (200 hours)
  • Sealing of the cover to avoid unwanted modification
  • Changeover contact 16A
  • Manual override ON/OFF for testing

Minimum switching time

  • 15 min for daily versions
  • 2 hours for weekly versions
  • 15 min and 2 hours on the daily+weekly version