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Digital time switches

For the control of lighting, heating, household appliances, shop windows, signage, etc. to improve comfort and to save energy.


Programing details
For the automatic start/stop of electrical equipments according to a weekly programme to:
  • adapt the functioning period to the needs
  • realise energy savings.
Examples of use
Lighting, illumination, heating, household appliances, watering, … the applications are numerous.


  • backlighted screen
  • programming when product is switched off
  • 56 steps of programme.
  • reduced size: 2 modules width
  • programming by key,
  • automatic time setting for summer/winter time,
  • setting of the time of sunset and sunrise of +/- 2h.

Technical characteristics

  • 1 or 2 channels (changeover contact 16 A).
  • Precise programming: step of 1 min.
  • Automatic change of winter/summer time
  • Holiday mode
  • Presence simulation
  • Impulse programming
  • width: 2 modules
  • delivered with key EG005

More details

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