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Movement detectors

Movement detectors are used for automatic control of lighting in both the residential and private/public industry sectors.


They automatically switch on lighting in case a person in movement is detected and light is needed and switch off the light after a preset duration.

Fixing accessories allow ceiling and corner mounting.

Technical characteristics

  • 230V ~ 50Hz/60Hz
  • 10A AC1
  • 1500 W incandescent
  • Detection distance: 16m (12m diameter for version 360)
  • Timer: pulse from 5 to 15 min

Detection performance

  • 140 for access control and perimeter lighting
  • 200 to survey a house facade
  • 360 to cover a house corner

Waterproof detectors

The waterproof (IP55) detector range is mainly dedicated to outdoor applications. They are equipped with Fresnel lenses that permit to get a high detection performance. The timer and the lux level are set locally, via potentiometer.

Movement detectors

Are dedicated to the automatic control of lighting in indoor circulating zones. The connecting systems are conform to false ceiling installation standards (cable clamp, fixing spring and protection cover). For the surface mounting, connection on a ceiling box or on mouldings thanks to side pre-cut outs.