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Design and markings

Innovative designs and reliable markings ensure a highly durable and reliable product.

Architecture of terminal

1. New architecture of terminal:
  • To guarantee a better grip of the cables and an excellent tightening performance.
  • In fact, the new architecture transfers all the tightening torque directly and only on the terminal and the cable.
2. The tripping mechanism is totally new. With a fast system of closing, the withstand of the contacts on all types of load has been increased, that means:
  • Better performance in switching function
  • Improvement in isolation function
  • Higher performance in breaking characteristics
3. A very robust arc chamber: a new design of arc chamber allows to reach excellent performance in terms of:
  • Breaking time
  • Thermal stress
  • Breaking capacity
4. An external aesthetic compatible with the new Hager aesthetic i.e:
  • Front product labeling
  • Top and bottom removability
  • A more practical toggle

New marking

  • Discrete, sober, with a strong value of the Hager brand, it allows a better identification of the products.
  • Only the necessary information to identify, install and control is marked on the front of the MCB.
  • The other information is indicated on the shoulder or the side of the products.

Marking on the front and the shoulder of the products

  • The grey marking on the front is made with a laser.
  • This marking is inalterable whatever the environment is.