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On our products, the state of isolation is clearly indicated by the "OFF" mechanical position on the toggle with the green colour. The mechanical position means, if in case of contacts welding together in closed position, the indicator cannot indicate that it is the open position.

Isolation function

The aim of isolation is to separate a circuit or equipments from the rest of installation, in order that personnel may carry out work on the isolated part in absolute safety.

These new products are suitable for isolation as defined in the IEC 60947-2:
  • the isolation position corresponds to the O (OFF position)
  • the operating handle cannot indicate the "OFF" position unless the contacts are opened
  • padlocks may not be installed unless the contacts are opened

The isolation function is certified by tests which guarantee:
  • mechanical reliability of the position indication system
  • absence of leakage current (less than 0.5mA)
  • overvoltage withstand capacity between Top and Bottom terminals (6kV at 230/400V).