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SPDs with low voltage protection level

To protect very sensitive electronic equipment. The fine protection complements the main protection and can protect 1 or several electronic devices. Optimal coordination is obtained when cascaded with a main protection device.


  • The coordination is optimum, when associated with surge Protective devices type 2, and ensure that the voltage value is maintained at 800V or less.
  • Protection is assured in both common and differential modes.

SPDs suitable for every earthing system

  • 2 and 4 poles.
  • Discharge current - I max. 8 kA (8/20 wave).
  • Connection capacity: 6mm² flexible conductor, 10mm² rigid conductor.
  • Degree of protection : IP 20 (in enclosure).
A green LED on the front face indicates the status of the SPD. Connected in series with the equipment that needs to be protected.

These surge protective devices complies with IEC 61643. 11 September 2002.