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Surge protective devices type 1

This type of surge protective devices are recommended on electric installations where the buildings are fitted with lightning conductor. The minimum value of shock current (I imp) = 12.5 kA.


In order to ensure optimum protection, those surge protective devices are using the “gas discharge spark gap” technology, associated with an electronic triggering system, which ensures a high discharging capacity with very short response time.

Other technical characteristics

  • With a discharge current wave 10/350 Ás (I imp) which is similar to lightning current on direct strike, those SPD’s must have the capacity to divert out this energizing wave.
  • Monobloc SPD’s type 1 have an LED for function indication for each phase on the front.
  • Connection capacity: 35mm▓ flexible conductor, 50mm▓ rigid conductor.

These surge protective devices complies with IEC 61643-11 september 2002.