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Suitable for all light sources: incandescent, halogen LV or VLV, fluorescent with electronic ballast.

Dimmers 300W

The power is adapted to the residential needs, products (EV011, EV012) manage incandescent lamps, halogen, LV or VLV.

  • Softstart function (progressive start) to increase working life of lamps,
  • memorization of last dimming level,
  • protection against overheatings,
  • control by pushbuttons,
  • can replace a latching relay with dimming function,
  • ferromagnetic transformer (inductive load EV011),
  • dimmable electronic transformer (capacitive load EV012).

Dimmers 600W

Universal remote control dimmer (EV002) and enhanced universal dimmer (EV004) are available.

  • automatic recognition of load type,
  • electronic protection against overheating and overload,
  • indicators 230V / overheating / overload

EV004 features in addition to EV002:
  • min/max level setting,
  • recall mode with pushbutton, override mode with switch,
  • scene level setting 0 ...99%.

Dimmers 1000W

Those products can be adapted automatically to the connected load types.

  • min/max setting via potentiometer,
  • priority setting 0%, 100%,
  • remote control via 1-10V.
Universal dimmer with scene inputs (EV102) and universal dimmer (EV100) are available.

Pilot dimmers 1-10V

Those products are aimed for the control of dimming electrical ballasts or for the control of several dimmers 1000W via link 1-10V.

  • display to show the dim level and for parameter setting,
  • wiring of illuminated pushbuttons possible up to 5mA,
  • min/max level setting,
  • contact output for state information,
  • dimming rise time setting,
  • setting of rise time and fall time

Pilot dimmer with scene output (EV108) features in addition to pilot dimmer (EV106) scene outputs used for override (3 levels) or simple recall (2).