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HF motion detector – EE883

The new high-frequency (HF) motion detector uses active sensor to scan the detection zone by measuring changes in the echo reflected regardless of ambient temperature. With an adjustable wide detection zone from 1m to 8m, EE883 is able to detect through light walls, glass and wood.

HF Technology Features

  • High-frequency (HF) sensors actively scan the detection zone (active sensor).
  • The signals are emitted, reflected as an echo and received again a moment later – any change in echo means a movement is registered.
  • This takes place instantly and regardless of the direction of movement or temperature.

EE883 HF Motion Detector Advantages

  • HF detection technology regardless of the temperature
  • Detection area denser than PIR product, no “dead zone”
  • IP54 to install product at car parks and toilets
  • Detection through light objects : wood, glass and plastic
  • Electronically adjustable reach
  • Good quality of detection, even in long rooms, stairwells etc.
  • Extremely fast detection of the smallest motion
Differences between HF and Ultrasonic technologyHFUltrasonic
Detection through light walls
Detection around corners
No "dead zone"
Sensitive to air movement => False detection
Sensitive to dust or other elements

EE883 HF Motion Detector Applications

The Hyper Frequency detector can be used in different kinds of applications, examples:

  • When the temperature is very High:
The Hyper Frequency is totally independent from the temperature so even in very hot conditions it is able to detect somebody who is moving in the room.

  • Carparks:
The difficulty in carparks is the detection of cold cars; the Hyper Frequency sensor is independent from the temperature so it is able to see the motion made by a cold car.

  • Toilets (detect through light walls):
The Hyper Frequency sensor is able to detect through wood or plastic doors in toilets. The capacity to detect through those materials can be very interesting from an economic point of view as only one sensor is needed.

  • Dressing Rooms:
The Hyper Frequency sensor is able to see through the plastic doors or the curtains so it will detect motion and put the light on.

Technical Characteristics I

Supply voltage
230V, 50 Hz
Detection area
Operating time lighting
5 sec… 15 min
Luminosity threshold
2… 2000 lux
Detection sensitivity
1m… 8m
Recommended installation height
2.5 metres
Operating temperature
Storage temperature
Insulation class
Class II
Protection index

Technical Characteristics II

Type of loadsS1
10 A AC1
230 V ~
Incandescent lamps
Fluo lamps uncorrected
Fluo lamps connected in parallel
CFL lamps
Ferromagnétic ballasts
Electronic ballasts