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New Light Sensitive Switch

The new light sensitive switches, in a compact 1-module housing, with easy-to-use adjustable lux threshold and auto / test mode setting, LED output contact and connection status indicator, enhances energy savings through the automatic switching of the lights only when the natural light is insufficient.


Light sensitive or twilight switches are products used to control lighting depending on the ambient daylight: it switches light on when there is insufficient natural light contribution.

These products are used for classical day/night applications, for outdoor uses: public lighting, car parks, driveways and collective housing outdoor lighting that require a threshold between 0 and 100 lux.

They are also used for indoor application like signboard lighting, showroom, office and shop windows lighting that can require more than 100 lux.

Examples of light level :
  • Moonlight : 0.5 lux
  • Street lighting: 70 lux
  • Work office : 300 lux
  • Sunny day : Over 50,000 lux

Product overview

ProductReference Description
Twilight Switch with surface mounted cell
Twilight Switch with flush mounted cell
Cell for flush mounting
Cell for surface mounted

Main features

  • Adjustable threshold: 0-100 lux and 50-2000 lux
  • Permanent on/off delay : 60 seconds (to prevent unwanted switching due to temporary factors such as car beams, passing clouds)
  • Compact housing : 1 module
  • Easy local settings: Lux range, Threshold, Selector auto/test mode
  • LED indicator (output contact status, connection status)
  • Output: normally-open contact 16A
  • Non polarized connection between light sensor and modular product
  • PZ2 screw connectors : robustness

Wiring Diagram

Technical Characteristics